The Key Center

The Key Center exists for the purpose of providing Brookes students with a strategy to help them unlock their potential. The Key Center offers supplementary programs to students who wish to further enhance their academic program. While each class at Brookes is optimized for students to find the joy in learning and get the most from their studies, the Key Center helps students get the extra support they desire through personalized learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Tutoring is available for those who may want support in a particular class, and enrichment activities are arranged for students who would like to be further challenged. Students with a special interest or focus can also receive targeted study assignments through the Key Center. English as an Additional Language is also available and may be required based on academic assessment.

Brookes offers a range of summer enrichment programs including academic credit courses and the Global Leadership Academy in partnership with Powerful Youth.

Specialized programming through the Key Center complements the rigorous curriculum offered at each Brookes School.