Life at Brookes

At Brookes, imagine a place where a positive energy in the corridors develops a sense of wonder and discovery in the classrooms. Where internationally minded students prepare themselves to meet the needs of a rich curriculum based on international standards with benchmarks tailored to meet the global needs of our international student population. We believe that all of our students will thrive in the challenging, productive, and positive learning environment on offer.

Brookes is a network of IB World Schools that cater to national and international student and parent needs. Our mission is to support students in a caring environment and given opportunities to learn about themselves and to take action in areas in which they are passionate using the International Baccalaureate as the curricular platform. Brookes students learn about the world, from the world.

Our students and teachers come from diverse backgrounds and we connect globally with our other campuses to learn about the world, from the world. We inspire and teach students about global issues by connecting ideas and stories locally. We strive to use our environment as a tool and a canvas for learning and action.

Through leadership challenges and opportunities we help students discover their passion, develop their character, and understand their connection to others and society.

Brookes is a source of inspiration and strength for children as they grow and learn how to learn. Brookes will always be with each child as it is a part of who they are, just as each student is a part of who we are. Our vision is to create A world of self-confident lifelong learners connected and inspired to help others.

We invite you to explore this web site, but, more importantly, for you to come and meet us in person and have a look at our wonderful campuses.