About Us

Brookes embraces the idea of educating the whole person and unlocking the potential within each individual. Through education, we aim to create a world of confident lifelong learners connected and inspired to help others. Our badge and pillars are the representation of this philosophy.

The Gryphon combines the strength and courage of the lion with the intelligence, alertness, and winged ascent of the eagle. In mythology, the Gryphon is the divine guardian of treasure. In ancient mythology, there is no better or stronger creature than the gryphon.

The Sun brings light, warmth, and understanding. It strives to ascend.

The Key opens doors, and symbolically opens minds to understanding and knowledge.

Together these symbols represent what it means to be a Brookes student; to strive for understanding, to welcome truth, and to valiantly guard and defend the treasure of knowledge.

This philosophy is encapsulated in our motto: Reperio Ingenium Intrinsecum, which translates to unlocking human potential. Literally, to take aptitudes and abilities that are hidden and bring them into the light. This is our desire for every Brookes student.

The Brookes Education Group stands on the foundations of Character, Creativity, and Connecting.

Character must be cultivated with care to allow each student to become the best possible version of themselves.

Creativity is so much more than a love of the arts. A creative mind can understand, adapt and innovate, and is a valuable asset.

Connecting is a vital tool for understanding, which is the first step to inspiring change.