The Key Centre

Be supported

With one-on-one and small group support, The Key Centre will help you develop a strategy to unlock your potential, delivering personalized learning and supplementary programs.


Get personalized support

If you want to understand and achieve more in a class, or you’ve got a special interest and would like to be challenged, tutoring and targeted study assignments are available through The Key Centre to support your learning.


Get the support you need

Students in need of assistance receive help to strengthen areas of weakness and improve overall skills.


Follow your passions

Students who desire more in-depth study of a special interest, subject or sport can access extra lessons and practices.


Rise to the challenge

Gifted students receive access to a more challenging level of learning and are encouraged to take on personal projects of their own design.


English as an Additional Language

Non-native English speakers have access to English language support and tutors, enabling them to spend classroom time on the curriculum rather than the language.

Summer Programs

We work in partnership with Powerful Youth to bring quality summer programs to our students, enhancing your academic experience. These programs are currently offered at our Shawnigan Lake and Cambridge campuses.

Global Leadership Academy

Students learn through experience in this award-winning leadership program. Design your own D.R.E.A.M. project and set it in motion to effect change in an issue that is important to you.

Junior Leadership Academy

Similar to the Global Leadership Academy, students develop personal responsibility, explore new areas of interest, and learn what it means to be passionate about something.

Best of BC/UK Tour

Add an extra week to your GLA or JLA experience with this value add-on program. You’ll explore the nearby area and learn about the local history and culture.

University Preparation

Add an extra week to your GLA experience with this value add-on program. Get tips on writing your university entrance essay, and travel to nearby universities for an admissions tour.