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Brookes Education Group: Encouraging Meaningful Action through Education

Brookes Education Group:
Encouraging Meaningful Action through Education

A Message from the Brookes Education Group Board of Directors

A global network of schools, Brookes Education Group is connected through a common philosophy – inclusive, creative, and personalised learning that enables young people to become caring and compassionate advocates for themselves and the world they live in. We embrace creativity, develop connections, and build character to encourage our students to engage in the world and effect meaningful change. We aim to foster a future filled with self-confident, lifelong learners who are connected and inspired to help others. We join with the IB in our commitment to develop young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect. 

At the forefront of our priorities is the safety, support and care of our Brookes families, and the safeguarding of student learning across the network. The events of the past week motivate us to redouble our efforts to build a better world, to bridge divides and enhance international understanding. As international educators, we cannot ignore these issues, but rather, foster a safe and supportive environment for student inquiry, both inside and outside of the classroom. We will continue to empower and teach students about global issues by connecting current news, personal experiences and different perspectives as we strive to use our world as a tool and a canvas for action and learning. 

We stand resolute for the respect of all people and the belief that education can improve the lives of all people. Our schools will continue to focus on inclusivity, peace, humanity, and equality to create a brighter future for all.