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Brookes UK Semester 1 Highlights 2023

NSEA Championships

The Championship final unfolded at the Addington Equestrian Indoor International Arena, creating an electric atmosphere! The venue featured two expansive grandstand seating areas brimming with spectators, a restaurant boasting a viewing area, TV cameras capturing the action, a sizable commentary box, and a backdrop of music—providing a dynamic backdrop for both the riders and their ponies. After a swift course walk, a thorough warm-up, and a final team talk, the team eagerly entered the bustling collecting ring before taking their turn in the jumping arena.

Emily led the charge, navigating the course with agility, although an unfortunate glance off the second-to-last obstacle added a twist. With quick correction and determination, she cleared the final fence flawlessly. Harriet swiftly followed, executing tight turns to secure a clear round in impressive time. Olivia, the final rider, opted for a sensible and steady approach, completing a clear round that contributed to the team’s strong overall finishing score.

The team’s efforts were rewarded when they were called into the 7th position during the prize-giving ceremony. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the intense competition, with teams and schools from across the country participating. Notably, our team, comprised of only three riders, held its own against others with four riders per team, counting their top three scores. Finishing in the top 10 nationally at these Championships stands as a testament to the team’s exceptional accomplishment.


Students Re-brand Brookes UK House Programme 

Exciting news at Brookes UK as we unveil our latest initiative: the re-brand of school houses! To kick off this exciting venture, we initiated a school-wide competition at the start of the academic year, challenging students to design logos for our new Houses. The newly christened Houses are Falcons, Hawks, and Eagles, each accompanied by a distinctive logo. Henry Barron emerged as the winner with an outstanding design.

Armed with fresh house names, brand-new logos, and newly appointed house captains, we were poised to breathe new life into our House program. The enthusiasm and creativity surrounding this initiative set the stage for an invigorating chapter in the Brookes UK community.

Brookes Student Tops NSA National Art Competition

Brookes UK is thrilled to announce the success of Evelyn, a Year 9 student, who emerged victorious in her category at the NSA National Art Competition. This achievement underscores the ongoing trend of our students proudly displaying their extraordinary creativity, consistently securing top positions in their respective focus areas across the UK.