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Brookes Westshore Semester 1 Highlights 2023

The first semester has kicked off with remarkable success as students excel in various facets of the school. Whether navigating the challenges of the IB program or actively participating in sports, students are relishing their involvement in diverse aspects of the school—both within the classroom and outside of the classroom. Our commitment to fostering community ties is evident through initiatives such as reaching out to and re-establishing connections with former Brookes students who have achieved remarkable milestones post-IB. Simultaneously, we extend a warm welcome to new students joining us from Ukraine, further enriching the global diversity within our school. The expansion of our global network parallels the growth of our Brookes family. As the saying goes, “Once a gryphon, always a gryphon!”

Alumni Connections

Over the last couple of years we have been working hard behind the scenes to connect with our alumni community as they have left Brookes and moved into university and beyond. This work has born fruit this term as our alumni have given their time, energy and spirit to several initiatives. In Vancouver, a group of DP2 students spent a day at the University of British Columbia. They were given an official tour by the admissions office of UBC, but also spent time with five of our former students who were either studying at UBC or had recently graduated. This gave the DP2 students both the official perspective on life at UBC, as well as the more personal (and relatable) experiences of students who had been at Brookes, and then at UBC. The insights and advice the alumni were able to offer were invaluable to our current students as they think about their university choices and motivate themselves for the upcoming IB exams. Another group of alumni were active in Japan – their home country and a place where our recruitment team visited this semester. Our former students came along to a recruitment fair in Tokyo to offer their support and best wishes to our recruiters – showing prospective families that our community extends beyond the campus, and beyond the borders of Canada.

Senior Girls Volleyball at Island Championships

This term saw our most successful Senior Girls Volleyball team excel – all the way to a third place at the Vancouver Island Championships. This was Brookes’ best showing at this tournament in the school’s history. The team played extremely well, winning 4 out of 5 games at the tournament. They surprised and impressed a lot of people. Two of our senior girls were singled out as stars of the tournament: Meghan was chosen as a 1st team all-star, and Semvia was selected as a 2nd team all-star. Their coach was very, very, very proud of all the players for a great tournament and season. This tournament capped a season where their record was 16 wins, 1 draw, and only 1 loss.  

Students arrive from Ukraine

This term we are delighted that three students from Ukraine, all on full scholarships, have joined our community. In 2022, we set ourselves the goal, as a community, to support eight students from Ukraine to complete their high school education with us. The three students who arrived this term are the first of these eight students. We are thrilled that they are settling in to their academic classes, building connections with their fellow students, and being welcomed and supported by the wider community.