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GPS Brookes Kochi 2022-2023 Top Achievements

# 1 A Helping Hand: Students Organize Gifting Drive During Festival of Diwali

As an initiative to inculcate the values of selfless giving, the learners of Gps Brookes Kochi had initiated a charity drive in an effort to connect with and give back to the society. The charity drive was done in two phases, one was to sell hand painted diyas during the festival of Diwali. The collection from the sale was used to provide a local orphanage in the community with stock for meals in a day.

The second phase consisted of a collection of toys and books from the students of GPS to the underprivileged in collaboration with a Non Profit Organisation – Goonj. The donated toys and books were sorted and packed in collaboration with the peers in GPS. On 24th November, the DP2 cohort and their peers visited the respective organizations along with their CAS Coordinators to fulfill the initiative and lend a helping hand to those in need.

#2 Brookes Stars Contest Winners

Brookes Moscow organized the Brookes STAR Young Writers’ Contest 2023 with the objective of encouraging original perspectives on global issues. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Yaasha, the recipient of the Gold medal, and Parthan, who secured the bronze medal, for their remarkable accomplishments in the Brookes STAR Writers’ Contest 2023. Witnessing our learners excel amidst global talent fills us with immense pride!




#3 Each One, Teach One: Students Initiate Peer Tutoring 

As an act to spread cheer and share knowledge, our DP 1 learners are engaged in a Peer Tutoring initiative called “Each One, Teach One.” The DP learners have volunteered to teach Spoken English to young students at a local school in their community. The initiative will have them spend their time using their expertise to build the required skills in their young friends on a weekly basis. The CAS experience is going to challenge them to reach out to an audience and effect meaningful change through active tutoring. As mentors, they will practice valuable lessons of caring, patience, kindness, empathy, and responsibility.

#4 A journey through the past… In the Present as Museum Outing Fosters Art Intrigue

An outing planned by the Art and Language faculty had the DP learners visit the Folklore Museum, Mattancherry Palace, the Jewish (Paradesi) Synagogue, Open-Eyed Dreams Art Gallery and the Kerala History Museum at Kochi. The experience had them immersed into a culturally, historically and artistically enriching experience. They learned about the events that made Kerala what it is today, while also identifying the similarities and differences between our lives today, and how our ancestors lived in the past. As one of the learners shared, “the journey forever changed our understanding of the history of the land we call home.”

#5 Spread the Light: CAS students Get Creative

CAS at GPS Brookes Kochi got creative with our DP learners welcoming the festival of lights “Diwali” with a sale of their hand-painted Clay lamps (Diyas). The activity is the first stage of a Charity drive initiative planned as a CAS Project by the DP Year 2 students. The learners intend to use the proceeds from the sale to reach out and help the community around them as part of their Service Learning. The event was organized on Oct 15, 2022.