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Olga Dmitrieva Announced as Head of Kindergarten at Brookes LIFE

Brookes Moscow has announced Olga Dmitrieva as Head of Kindergarten for the new Kindergarten branch aimed at Russian students, Brookes Life.

We spoke to Olga who shared insight into her new position.

“I am happy to be a part of Brookes School, leading the Kindergarten. The position of the Head of Kindergarten is extremely responsible and important for me, because I believe that everything that is most important for a person’s life is laid in childhood, childhood is one of the defining periods: the talents hidden in the child await the possibility of realization.”

Olga set her sights on teaching from an early age. After graduating from school,  she received her first higher education at the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute, specializing as a teacher of biology and chemistry. Her biggest hobby has always been and remains English. Therefore, she received her second higher education as an English teacher.

Her professional path has developed in such a way that she was lucky to work across both public and private kindergartens and schools.

Having worked as a teacher, Deputy Director in a Kindergarten and School Director, Olga switched to the international education system, which seemed to her extremely interesting, creative and productive.

Olga cannot imagine herself outside the education system, which makes her work bright, worthwhile and amazing.