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Our First Priority is Safety and Care

Our First Priority is Safety and Care
Brookes CIL International School Postpones Opening to Fall 2023

February 15, 2022, KYIV, UKRAINE – Due to current circumstances in Ukraine, the Brookes Education Group Board of Governors and CIL International have made the prudent decision to postpone the opening of Brookes CIL International School until the Fall of 2023.

“The decision to postpone the opening of Brookes CIL International School was not taken lightly. The safety and support of families, staff and students is of the utmost importance. Brookes Education Group is working with our partners, CIL International, to establish measures to protect our new and prospective families and safeguard student learning,” says Founding Head of School and Brookes Board Director, Kevin Skeoch.

He continues, “The Brookes global network has reserved seats for all incoming students at Brookes boarding schools world-wide. Following successful completion of their year abroad, students will return to Kyiv to commence their first year at Brookes CIL in 2023.”

Brookes CIL is developing a next-generation, premium international school, recruiting highly talented and innovative educators from around the world to provide the rigorous IB Continuum Programme and unlock student potential. “Postponing the opening of Brookes CIL will ensure the selection of the most qualified IB educators from around the world, and maintain the highly regarded standards of Brookes Education Group. We remain excited to launch our new state-of-the-art facility in Ukraine next year.”

Brookes Education Group and CIL International continue to build and establish the future of education, Brookes CIL International School. For more information, contact info@cil.brookes.org.